The IP surveillance camera systems are the updated forms of CCTVs. They are in fact, the networked and digitised versions of the close-circuit television. This means that the system includes an IP cameras, that records footage and then shares it on the internet protocol network. The system was first introduced by the Axis communication in 1996.

Centralized IP cameras include a central Network Video Recorder (NVR) that is responsible for recording and taking on-time decisions regarding video and alarm management.

Decentralized IP cameras are used in places where on time surveillance is not required. These cameras do not require a central NVR as they capture and record, and save it in the allocated storage media like SD cards.

IP surveillance camera


The reason why IP surveillance camera has taken over in present times is the multiple benefits that it brings along including user-friendliness, advanced search capabilities, better compression and storage. Some of the best benefits of IP surveillance camera are briefly explained below:


The main reason to choose IP cameras over CCTV is the accessibility of the images. Since the IP surveillance camera will be connected to a network, the user can see the images or recordings without any extra hardware or software requirements. All you need is the access to the internet to connect securely to your surveillance system from anywhere in the world. Even though the access is easy and user-friendly, it doesn’t allow any unauthorized persons to view the surveillance images as you can protect the access passwords by using the Virtual Private Network or the company intranet.


There is no limit to the amount of images or recordings that you can store, other than the capacity of the storage media. Using the different types of IP surveillance camera, you can view recordings of any location, or save them to view later.

Alerts and Alarms

This is one of the most helpful parts of IP cameras. Whenever there is an alarming image or recording, the video server can send an email to the saved email addresses. This is extremely important where immediate actions are to be taken.

The Costs

Even though the initial cost of installing the IP cameras can be a bit high, there are no further costs of hardware or software, or the maintenance of the system. Also, since the system performance and the outcomes get better, the total cost of ownership can greatly decrease.


Another helpful feature of IP cameras is that they can be easily moved around, as they do not need any wires or other hardware resources. Since they’re connected to the network, they can be moved and accessed from anywhere in the network.

Distributed Intelligence

IP cameras allow users to add video analytics in them that allows the system to take analytics solutions. This is extremely helpful in alarming situations where timely actions must be taken.

Factors to be considered when implementing IP Cameras

While surveillance through IP cameras is easy and has numerous advantages, there are some limitations, or say, the factors that need to be looked into to attain the desired output.

Network Bandwidth: It is important if the images taken by the camera are sent by PSTN. For good and helpful results, at least 30 frames per second are required, which needs a minimum bandwidth of 120 KB per second.

Hard disk space: As discussed above, the storage is one main factor when opting for IP surveillance. The storage requirements mainly depend on the frame rate of the video that you want to store.

How to implement concealed doors in the interior design?

There are more than a few advantages of having concealed doors in your HDB home.

In the first place, it’s important to note that concealed doors are the perfect fit for contemporary and minimalist designs where the focus is on smoothness, space, and functionality.

Streamlined interiors are all about the clutter-free environment without unnecessary items.

Concealed doors are virtually hidden doors, so they are bound to create clean lines with beautiful tonal transitions between walls, floor, and furniture.

Furthermore, they may make space look larger. At the same time, they help create a much more sophisticated appeal than standard HDB homes.

Perhaps, the best thing about concealed doors is that only the homeowners may know about them. This feature makes them suitable for hidden rooms such as art studios, relaxation areas, and others. The best thing about these doorways is that nobody is going to know about your secret unless you want to share it with your guests.

Hide it behind a bookcase

Movable bookcases are not only popular in movies and literary works. They are popular in real-life interior designs too. Getting a display area for your favorite books and photographs is an excellent camouflage that can quickly turn into a panel that can open and close to let people into another room. The mechanism is usually a simple one. Still, it’s effective against the unauthorized entry of children or guests in sophisticated interior design.

Build shelves

Maximizing the storage space is one of the primary goals when designing small HDB flats. Because such units are almost always short on storage areas, transforming your concealed door is bound to be beneficial.

For a minimalist style, you can install clean and open shelves. However, it’s possible to hide the door behind a larger cabinet where you can put away more and more essential items.

Create a safe room

The best thing about concealed doors is that they are great for creating hidden rooms. What’s more, you can use such a door to hide your safe or a place where you can simply hold all your essential documents and valuables.

Create a room for parties

As previously mentioned, these doorways are ideal for hidden rooms, including soundproof party rooms. Loud parties are a massive problem in HDB buildings.

Of course, your interior design company may give you practical solutions to deal with the issue. Adding soundproof layers to your party room walls is enough to ensure you enjoy yourself with friends without annoying your neighbors.

Install mirrors and embrace reflections

One of the easiest ways to “hide” a door in an HDB unit is installing large mirrors.

Their primary purpose is to create the illusion of a larger space. Moreover, they reflect natural light, which is very beneficial for areas with little or no light inlet.

For optimal results, you can have an entire wall covered with mirror panels. Covering the door with the same board guarantees the seamless blending with the rest of the interior for a new and exciting reflective room.

Every renovation requires paying attention to all details regardless of how insignificant they may seem. After all, the goal is to accomplish a harmonious result, and interior doors are no exception from the plan.

In recent years, doorways have become much more than a practical function that divides rooms. Interior doors are most of the time center of attention, especially in HDB designs. Here are some of this year’s trends regarding interior door design.

Non-standard dimensions

Typically, interior doors are 190 or 200 cm high and 60-80 cm wide, whereas confined variations are fit for bathrooms and wider ones for living rooms.

This year, interior designers recommend breaking the stereotype and employing interior door pieces of more unusual dimensions.

Glass options

Glass partitioning with sliding doors is a great way to create a small workstation or a recreational area in an open-plan space. Striped sliding doors may also look attractive. Usually, such designs use clear glass alternating with frosted stripes.

Wide options

The latest trend in extensive door options is tricuspid fashion doors. Such doors deliver perfect symmetrical harmony thanks to the complementing motionless transparent glass sashes. Tricuspid doors are ideal for classic and neoclassical interior designs.

High options

These doors are with a length of 2 meters and up. The usual configuration uses an elongated door leaf or through transoms – rectangular or semicircular and “blind” or glazed in style.

Technically, the transom is the horizontal beam that separates the door from the window above it. Its main advantage is that it can enhance the natural light inlet in a room. An exciting solution for such door design is stained transom, made of various pieces of colored or transparent and frosted glass.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a fancy but still a bold solution for interior doors. Their main advantage is the possibility to save valuable near-door space. This year, they serve as even more unusual elements when zoning the interior.

Wooden sliding doors

For those who are into eco-style interior design, wooden sliding doors made of light wood may impress every guest. The models should merge simple design with minimal hardware, whereas striped glass elements are still trending. Another alternative is the rustic style made of rough boards for a genuinely “raw” and natural look.

Door designs and décor

Inlay drawings

Inlays are beautiful drawings, usually on doors of different wood species. This year’s trend includes abstract content or landscapes with a small number of details. Inlay ornaments are ideal for Scandinavian or minimalist styles with eco-style accents.


Sometimes, the smallest details create the most significant impact. The same goes for door accessories. Of course, minimalist models may come with absolutely no extras, but doors in the Baroque, Rococo, or Empire style may easily showcase bronze ornaments and doorknobs. Most of the time, door handles in the form of crystal balls also create unique looks.

Front doors

Last but not least, taking proper care of your front door is a beautiful way to impress your guests and neighbors. Typically, homeowners choose main and entrance doors based on the style of the façade or the lobby.However, choosing a solid wood door with an original finish may be just enough for an excellent front door choice. For those living in landed properties, you can always

Stained glass windows

Stained-glass windows are ideal for chic interior designs. There are a variety of styles, from floral to mosaic patterns of large or small rectangles of colored glass varying in size.

Another beautiful stained-glass door style is geometric abstract art, which is perfect for minimalist interiors. Moreover, they are suitable for hi-tech home designs.

Just combine stained glass with sliding doors to create the ultimate trending combination. Remember that stained-glass windows can decorate door leaves, transoms, and motionless shutters separately.

Door designs and colors

As there is no clear trend regarding the use of colors for door designs, last year’s bright colors may still be on focus. For instance, the Neo Mint pale shade of green may soon dominate over the traditional door shades.

For a seamless transition in your interior, you can paint the doors to match the color palette of the walls. Of course, the idea may look unique in bright colors.